Precious Lesson in Stretching Money

Diana Clement has an interesting article in the NZ Herald today. Essentially it’s all about financial nouse for children centred around a timely Christmas spending message.

It’s not a bad article and well worth a look for some strategies to engender a bit more financial acumen amongst the smaller folk One of the suggested strategies – having your child sell off all their unwanted toys to may space and money for new ones is something my young son has been persuing over the last 2 months leading up to Christmas. Trademe has helped him sell off numerous ‘last-year’s-fad’ type toys that he swore black and blue at the time he’d ‘never ever not want to play with ever’! There has been an adequate amount of opportunity here to illustrate how a modern economy works, what with seller’s fees, handling postage and answering a multitude of potential buyers questions via the site.

Diana also links off to some nice resources so have a look at the original article.

Parents who have no idea where to start in teaching their children about money can get some good starting points from these publications about how to begin financial literacy conversations with their children. These excellent publications can be downloaded by parents as PDFs at Be warned, however, they’re not easy to find even when you land on the right page.

UK’s Personal Finance Education Group website, was a school where children made items in the design and technology department and sold them at a Christmas market.